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September 8, 2007 Database pages renewed using latest version of Second Site
See the database option Changes, to see which persons have been added or their data renewed.
February 21, 2006 Small changes
Added the menu options. Origins, Places And added some text to Current Research and Fellow Sites. How to help, Maps and Branches are up again. Maps will be updated with better pictures within a few weeks from now.

Have fun and if you like enter some words in my guestbook, please feel welcome.
December 28, 2005 Website and database renewed
My Christmas holidays I often spend to work on the website. The website has been restyled a bit. Goal was to give better access to the database. The new version of Second Site allows to create your own lists of people.
  • I used it to create a list of Lamping Top Ancestors. Apart from the list, these ancestors are now also displayed in the person page. This way it easier to find out, whether you belong to the same branche.
  • For each ancestors also the decendant charts are created. This charts are accesible through the person pages of these descendants and also via the Charts page.
  • November 23, 2003 New database pages using "The Master Genealogist" and "Second Site"!
    In Juli 2003 I bought new software to maintain and publish the database. The former software was not maintained any longer by its creators. It took a while to overcome all the issues to publish the website. I hope you will like the new setup. The access to these pages is via the menu option "Database".

    The new software has some advantages:
    • Now every person in the database has got its own homepage!
    • Photographs can now be nicely included with the individual pages. So if you have photographs please send them to me!
    • The paternal as well as the maternal ancestor line can now be followed.
    There are some disadvantages too.
    • Information of living people, can't be blocked in an easy way. On an individual basis, I can hide the name and hide any personal information if desired. If you happen to find information which you would like to hide, then please let me know.
    • I can't easily access the database any longer using my favorite programming tool. So my special page with the oldest 'Lamping' ancestors has to wait for a renewal.
    My first concern was to publish the new pages, since that was long ago. Now that that has been realized I will focus on getting the other pages updated and relayouted using the new style.

    April 2, 2003 Dominique Lambing BREAKTHROUGH
    Orvill Paller's wife Chelsea is a 6th g-granddaughter of Dominique LAMBING & Jeanne SCHITZ. In March 2003 he urged me to respond to an email which he sent in December 2002. (I have been to busy doing other things) I quickly responded as soon as I found out that he was related to Dominique Lambing and that they were going to have a large reunion this year again.

    He and his family got very excited when they found out about the previous news item and the linkage of Michael Lambing (#8662) - married to Susanna Sophie Ott - to his parents: Joannes LAMBING and Borbala (Barbara) GILDE. (See also: previous news item). Orvill then began to research Dominique and his family (Ancestors and direct family) with the help of the Family History Library of the LDS Church.
    He double-checked all of the dates on Dominik Lamping and his children.
    The corrections in the database I will soon upload to the website as well as a a renewed descendancy chart.

    Januari 1, 2002 Database refreshed + new website layout.
    During my holidays I worked very hard entering all kind of data. Also I tried to get rid of my backlog in answering emails (I failed).

    The new entries you can find via the database page in the Updates section.

    Ancestors Robert Franklin Lamping [#61] reached 16th generation

  • During my holidays at Curaçao (I was born there) I worked on my own ancestry file. With that information I continued my research min Den Haag, The Netherlands and arrived at one of my ancestors Jobje Anna Borsboom (8th generation). On the internet I found the research results of Tom Franke, who happened to have another 8 generations further back in the past. Tom Franke keeps on searching for more.

    Descendants of Dominic Lamping
    Also I worked on the descendants of Dominic Lamping into the database. It is still not finished. Norbert Neidenbach supplied a lot of information via his website and also the book of Hans Wikete is used. The website can be reached at: http://www.neidenbach-net.de/. The list of marriages and births can be obtained at: http://www.neidenbach-net.de/banat/hog/grj/eig_grj/Listen/TESTPASS.HTMlL. To access the list you have to obtain the username and password from Norbert. You will find his email address on his site.

    Furthermore Diana Lambing (England) contacted me and she supplied me with her part of the family tree. She also belongs to the descendants of Dominic Lambing. We frequently email each other, exchange information and she is very enthusiastic. Diana, Thanks!

    There is still an electronic gap in the Gross Jetscha church records between 1844 and 1890. I mean, these records are not made available yet in electronic form.
    Also church records of other places are necessary to complete this descendancy tree. People tend to meet boys and girls from other villages and marry there. For more information see menu option Branches / Hungarian branch.
    For those related to this Dominic, you can find a descendancy chart of his family via the new menu option Chart. It is impressive.

    What became sure - at least for me - is that the Dominic Lamping belongs to a family group which has nothing to do with the LAMPINGs from the German triangle Osnabrück, Lingen and Diepholz.

    The chance is bigger that Dominic Lamping (Lambing) is related to the Christopher Lambing from which Warren Lambing is descending. This requires even more research in the Alsace area.

    Michael Lambing finally connected to his parents
    Finally I was able to connect Michael Lambing (#8662) - married to Susanna Sophie Ott - to his parents: Joannes LAMBING and Borbala (Barbara) GILDE. Michael is now a proven descendant of Dominic Lamping. Descendants of Michael Lambing live in the USA: Bill Lamping.

    The evidence for Michaels link I found at the internet site of Norbert Neidenbach, which I mentioned before: http://www.neidenbach-net.de/.

  • December 24, 2001 Emigration from Banat in the National Archives Ship Records
    Extractions by David Dreyer of Lambings and Lampings leaving Hungaria and Rumania around the 1900.
    Possible links to the database are not set up yet nor researched.
    March 8, 2001 Milton John Fredrick Lamping
    Milton John Frederick Lamping Daniel Lynn Lamping has sent in a photograph of his grand father Milton John Frederick Lamping and his family.
    Click on the photograph to enlarge it and see the family as well

    March 4, 2001 Lampings in Argentinia
    Saul M. Montes-Bradley send me information about the descendants of Johann Hinrich LAMPING and Anna Margaretha THORAFEST.
    The attached word-file can be examined. I did not add all the information to the database yet, only the first generation.
    March 4, 2001 Franz Lamping connected, North Dakota - Banat link.
    Charles Moran, confirmed the link between Franz Lamping, who married Anna Maria Klem and Dominic Lamping.
    Franz Lamping is mentioned on the Hungarian Branch Page.
    Charles, thanks very much!
    March 1, 2001 New website layout
    During three days of Carnaval I took some holidays and decided to work on the website again. A new computer got installed, running Windows 2000 and also the genealogical software is up and running. Within a few weeks I expect to regenerate the database web pages (Option database). I hope I get your support. Biggest effort in 2001 and 2002 will be to get the database up-to-date, so that all living Lampings are mentioned on this website.
    April 12, 1998 Descendants of Bernard Lou Lamping Sr.
    Daniel LAMPING sent me his descendancy chart of his father. He will get some more data on dates, places and addresses. But this is a good start. The information is already entered in the database, but the webpages are not regenerated yet.
    January, 17, 1998 Arrival of Joseph and Fredericke Lamping in Baltimore.
    Lamping Johann occupation Butcher age 41 from Hesse Cassel with him his wife Friederik age 41 son Josef age 14, Karoline age 11, Bernhard age 8, August age 6 on the ship Union from Bremen to Baltimore arrived on October 22, 1860

    Donald Lamping (Oldenburg, IN) thinks there is a link Joseph Lamping and Fredericke Vorwerk. But they arrived in 1859 as the family story tells. I (Robert) have asked Janet Shade, Jo Anne Andra and Donald Lamping to investigate this a little bit more.
    Januari, 17, 1998 Parents of Christopher (Michael Lambing) found?
    Brian L. Cartwright (email: blcart95@erols.com ) has news about hte parents of Christopher Lambing: Michael Lambing and Mrs Von Habsburg. He is going to contact the researcher who submitted this information to the LDS records.
    He also attached is a 3-gen descendant story for John George Kohl of Haycock Twp.
    A descendancy chart for Christopher Lambing is also attached. I didn't have time to check the chart. I shall do that later in february 1998.

    His email message is very interseting to read:

    I wrote back in the summer, but we haven't written since. I re-checked your webpage yesterday after receiving an email listing 7 Lambing marriages in or near Indiana Co PA. I'm expectinf further details there. Meanwhile, I see that you have added new data in the western Pennsylvania branches, but not to John Anthony. My wife is of his descent, I am attaching a gedcom with 107 people. Could you please send me a gedcom of the descendants of Christopher Lambing in return? You had mentioned in your notes searching the LDS records. Have you seen the Lambing submission

    Name: John George LAMBING (AFN:127W-D6W) Born: 4 May 1802 Sex: M Conwago Twp., Adams Co., PA FATHER: John Anthony LAMBING MOTHER: Barbara KOHL SUBMITTERS MARY MARGARET MCWILLIAMS 111 GUERNSEY ROAD SWARTHMORE PA USA 19081 Submission: AF93-105763

    I have not yet attempted to contact her, she has a descendant line you don't. I have attached that also. The interesting thing about her submission, she lists Christopher's parents in Alsace as Michael Lambing & Miss Von Habsburg. I would like to write to her and find her sources.

    My paternal grandmother's line is mostly German Catholic, and one the ancestors is the Eckroth family. I see Henry and possibly others that were Lambing godparents. The Eckroths were originally from Lynn Twp in Northumberland, northwest of Nockamixon Twp. The Kohls lived in Haycock, immediately to the west. I was looking at a street atlas yesterday, it appears that Nockamixon & Haycock remain mostly rural. I have found data on Michael and the rest of the Kohls. His father was John George Kohl, the immigrant from Germany. Michael was married to Elizabeth Becher, daughter of Simon. Ialso plan on ordering Michael's will, as it is available online. Michael also moved to York Co, along with the Lambings, Coons & Eckroths. (Adams Co was later formed from part of York Co). I also found that at St Michael's parish in Loretto, where my grandmother's ancestors settled, the second priest, who succeeded Gallitzin upon his death in 1840, was named Lambing. I plan to contact the church to find more details.

    I look forward to hearing from you, let me know if there's anything else I can help you out with, good luck in your pursuits. I will check your webpage periodically, and elt you know if I find anything new on the Lambings.

    Brian L. Cartwright
    Manassas Park VA

    Nov 17, 1997 Amy Pittack, Another researcher, descendant of Joseph Anthony Lamping and Marie Nedo
    Amy writes:
    After searching for family connections on the www for 6 weeks, I expected my first connection to be small at best. I was shocked to find your site and realize the connection to family members I had been "stuck" at for years.

    I have connections to all of the names listed above, and should be able to fill in a few holes for you should you be interested in contacting me.

    I can be reached at amymark@coredcs.com. [Telephone number known to Robert]. My name is Amy Pittack. My mother is a Bernier, and her mother was a DeShaw.

    I currently live in Wisconson, but was born and raised in Minnesota. Since you have traced family members to MN, I may be of some help in retrieving records.

    Thank you for your time, Amy Pittack

    Nov 14, 1997 GOLF Guestbook
    The GOLF-website has now its own Guestbook.
    You may use it to let me know what you think about the website. But also to tell others what your focus of research is and where others can find more.
    Nov 14, 1997 Subscribe to GOLF automail.
    It is now possible to add yourself to a mailing list to keep you posted about changes on the website. Automail
    Nov 6, 1997 Menu option Help/Research
    The option Help has been renamed to Help/Research. This page now also contains the section 'Research Focus'. In this section I try to focus on special research.
    Nov 6, 1997 Anthony Lamping
    Focusing on Christopher and Anthony has worked. Paul Horvat ( mail ) sent me some very interesting information: a land petition [Image: 147Kb] signed by Anthony Lampin/Lamping/Lambing.
    Anthony's signature

    Paul writes the following:

    I have been through Upper Canada Land Petitions and have original documents signed by Anthony Lamping and have ordered various records from Bucks County, too. Anthony Lamping's signature almost looks like Lambing on his petition. The scanned image of this Upper Canada Land Petitions "L" Bundle 4, 1796-1799 (RG 1 L 3 285) is attached. Interestingly, in his petition it says that he is a hatter by trade and came into the province in the year 1793 from the heart of Pennsylvania. I don't know if you have seen it or not, but there is a book on "Michael Anthony and Anne Shields-Lambing, Their Ancestors and Their Descendants". Everyone detailed in the book descends from Christopher Lambing or Christopher Michael Lambing, also nicknamed Stoffel.
    One of Christopher's children was Nickolas b. Dec. 19, 1784, the youngest of his family. He was a hatter, and moved to Albany in 1806, since which time nothing had been heard of him. The book mentions that "there are descendants of Christopher living in Canada, south of the St. Laurence, who would apper to be of this branch of the family. They spell their name Lampeng."

    I had received a GEDCOM file from Donald Augustus Lamping some time ago and talked with him. He thought that his dying grandfather had told him that Joseph Anthony Lamping was from Holland.

    Since Anthony's petition said that he was from deep in the heart of PA (a primary source document) and the only person in the 1790 census living in PA with similar name spelling was Christopher Lamping, I feel he descends from Christopher.

    More about Christopher and Anthony :
  • Research Focus
  • Anthony Lamping and Marie Neddo (Nadeau)
  • Christopher Lambing
  • Hungarian Branch / Alsace
  • Nov 1, 1997 Nicholas Lamping
    Ongoing research LAMBING/LAMPING connection via Christopher Lambing/Lamping
    Warren Lambing sent me pages of the Estate Records of Christopher Lampin. In the Lambing-book we know him as Christopher Lambing. His son Nicholas clearly signes with LAMPING.
    Nicholas' signature
    Nov 1, 1997 Dolores COTTER-LAMPING
    I finally managed to get in contact with Dolores COTTER-LAMPING. About a year ago I found her book "Organizing for the creative person". I tried to get in contact with her via the publisher, but no luck. Finally I found her address on the Internet. The LAMPING family she married has Peter Lamping as its oldest ancestors. A descendancy chart has been added to the page USA-Families. Her son James Lamping contacted me via Internet and send me a few more details.
    Oct 17, 1997 Donald Augustus Lamping
    Update of family information: Small descendancy chart. Donald is a descendant of Joseph Anthony Lamping who married Marie Neddo. Donald was one of the first Lampings who responded and sent me a PAF-file with family information. He can be reached at idaho@cyberhighway.net
    Sep 13, 1997 New baby girl named Allison
    Allison Lamping Born August 19, 1997, daughter of Jack (John) Lamping and his wife Linda. Cincinnati, USA.

    Aug 31, 1997 John Henry Lamping, b. 1790
    According to Janet Shade, John Henry Lamping is the father of the three brothers, Dierk, Joseph and Frederik H. Lamping who all lived in Oldenburg, Indiana!
    Aug 22, 1997 Dominicus Lamping
    I created a special program to query the Family Gathering database and compose a descendancy chart the way I want it. Dominicus Lamping born 1722 in Schalbach, Lotharingen moved to the banat area with his wife and children. It is the begin of the socalled Hungarian branch. In that time Schalbach and also Hungary were German territory. In both areays the name Lamping gets miswritten as Lambing, Lambin, Lampig etc.
    The family of Christopher Lambing (Lamping) also comes from the Alsace area. Warren Lambing in the USA is researching the Christopher Lambing tree.
    There are still a number of Lambing families in the Alsace area. We assume they are 'family'.
    Aug 5, 1997 "Dierk" Lamping
    OLDENBURG, INDIANA, USA - There is a story about "Dierk" and his second marriage, submitted by Janet Shade, one of his descendants. There is more about Dirk Lamping.

    Janet Shade has send me the familytree of Dirk. It is huge. She is trying to create a GEDCOM file using Familytreemaker software. This saves me from typing the whole lot. I hope to present you this information later this month.

    More information is coming. Greg Lamping in CIncinatti is busy preparing his GEDCOM file. Terry Lamping in Canada has been very active too. Warren Lambing is busy finding more information about Christopher Lambing / Lamping in France.

    This website is now active for more than one year and has collected a lot of information about the Lamping family. Thanks for all the effort! Please keep on researching and let me know about the results.
    July 29, 1997 New address
    My friend and I are moving to another house. The new address is:

    Havensingel 7

    Telephone and email address stay the same!
    june 14, 1997 General
    I am currently very busy finishing my studies at the university. Therefor I can't spend a lot of time to the genealogical research. After my graduation I start again.
    I hope you keep on searching and let me know about any new facts. I keep updating the pages if you have news.
    june 14, 1997 New family
    Art Graessle submitted the information about his wife's family, the LAMPING's. The oldest ancestor Bernard Lamping was born in Kneheim, near Cloppenburg, Germany. In this area many Lampings lived.
    april 5, 1997 Family names
    The list with names has grown too big. It is about 500Kb. Not really a pleasure to wait for. I separated the names into different files from A to Z.
    Since 22 November 2003 these entries are taken care of by the John Cardinal's software Second Site. The names can be found via the menu using: Database | Surname index.
    april 5, 1997 Database Update
    The database has been regenerated. Information about living people has been left out.
    Family Gathering has this new feature introduced in its newest version of the software. To my opinion a little more data could be displayed, like the normal events, birth, marriage and divorce.
    Perhaps in a next version? Otherwise I do it myself again!
    Thomas' database is included now.
    I edited the list with heads of families and added the names of these heads of families and their date of birth when available.
    april 5, 1997 Database Thomas Lamping
    Thomas Lamping in Chicago has submitted his huge database of over 1800 records. His database ties a lot of Lamping families together.
    It will take a while before I have linked the addresses to the database. It would make it easier to find out which family is related to which.
    18 mar 1997 Michael Gerald Lamping
    I added more information about the branch of Michael Gerald LAMPING
    He sent this information a few weeks ago.

    17 mar 1997 Marcha van Dort
    I received an email message from Marcha van Dort (Email: mascha@happy.demon.nl).
    Her grandmother is Petronella Maria Lamping (#237). Mascha's father is Wim van Dort. The van Dort family is mentioned on another website: http://www.happy.demon.nl/vandort/
    17 mar 1997 Michael Gerald Lamping
    I received an email message from Michael Gerald LAMPING, who is a descendant of Anthony Lamping. His father is going to photocopy the information they have about their family.
    3 mar 1997 Edward 'Gregg' Lamping
    I received an email message from Edward 'Gregg' Lamping, who is willing to help me with my research. His father is Gregg Leo Lamping. They come from Cincinnati.
    26 feb 1997 User statistics
    User statistics can be seen at a linked page especially for my website.
    22 feb 1997 Checked Books
    An extra entry has been added to the Option "Lists" for book swhich have been checked upon the appearance of the name LAMPING or LAMBING. Checked books. From this page links are made to family details.
    22 feb 1997 Dutch emigrants
    Robert Lamping checked two books of the author Robert P. Swierenga.
    21 feb 1997 Hungarian branch
    Richard Frank Lamping sent more information about his line, in particular the descendant of Jakab Lamping. Oldest ancestor: Peter Lamping, Mozsgó Hungary.
    21 feb 1997 Immigrants
    Warren Lambing sent a list of immigrants, which arrived in Baltimore. A few connections can already be made with existing data.
    And there is a nice story about how he got to Buffalo, NY, where he found the information
    Previously Warren sent more information. See Lists.
    20 feb 1997 Maps
    The maps are back on-line again. Germans maps only. The December 1996 newsletter has a map of the banat area in Hungary
    20 feb 1997 Gap
    A lot has happened and I didn't find the right way to let you know.
    From now on I try to mention in this list, what has been altered at this website.
    5 jan 1997 Database
    The database pages have all been refreshed.
    5 jan 1997 Lotte research
    Thanks to David Koss it was possible to update information about the LAMPINGs in Lotte. He sent me a copy of the document 'Genealogia Rumpiorum'
    New information on pages of Gerhard Lamping, b. Lotte about 1638. Especially the connection to the Rump family is more clear now. An Excel worksheet can show the connections more clearly.
    The oldest Rump on my Website is now Heinrich RUMP who lived around 1500.
    5 jan 1997 Contributions
    To follow the information which I receive you may visit the new page "Contributions"
    29 dec 1996 New address pages
    There are new address pages for the familyname LAMBING in the USA. Due to privacy, please contact me first by email. I only reveal the location to LAMPING (and alike) or family related members.
    29 dec 1996 New newsletter
    The newsletter December 1996 reports on the research of all the different branches.
    Save and read it later. Print it and spread it in your family and let them enjoy.

    29 dec 1996 Maps

    Due to lack of diskspace, the maps are out of order.