Main goals

  • Tracking all living Lampings. Please let me know you are there!
  • Emigration from Europe to abroad. See: Emigration
  • Verifying a possible family link between Christopher Lamping to Anthony Lamping
  • Searching the ancestor of Johann Lamping and Helena Oldehuss.

Things to do

  • Entering the data of the Descendants of Johan Lamping & Helena Oldehuss. Being researched by Cathy Joynt Labath & Jo Banks. 26 feb, 2006: Currently I am at page 7 of 21. I am also creating a migration page to register the movements of the family members in this family. A nice way to find out how the family spreads within a country and across the world.

    Pedigree Robert Franklin Lamping

    Louisa Gerber [#5751]

    We are currently researching whether Louisa is really a daughter of the named parents.

    Father: Petrus Adrianus Gerber [#8496] b. 24 February 1796, d. 27 October 1854
    Mother: Hester Maria "Aannatje" Streeder [#8498] b. 4 June 1791, d. 24 January 1845

    It is made plausible by Raymond Gonsalves that Louisa could be a slave daughter and that she was adopted by Petrus Gerber and Hester Streeder. In that case Hester Streeder is certainly not her mother. Petrus Gerber could be the father.