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This page is dedicated to the emigration of Lamping family members from Europe to abroad.
This list I expect will form the 'missing link' between the branches in the USA and those in Europe.

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Auswanderer aus Deutschland (Emigrant out of Germany)

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  • Aus dem alten Amt Vechta: Anton Lamping, Sohn des Eigners Dirk Lamping zu Langförden, 27 Jahre alt
    => Birthyear abt: 1818
    (Source: 3. aus dem alten Amt Vechta nach den "Auswanderer Protokollen" aus "Heimatblätter des Heimatbundes für das Oldenburger Münsterland" Nr. 8 und 9 des 23 Jahrgangs 1941. )

    New Orleans, 1820-1850 Passenger and Immigration Lists
    Name Arrival Date Age Gender Port of Departure Place of Origin Ship Name
    Anton Lamping Dec 20, 1845 27 U Bremen Germany Brunswrick
    => Birthyear abt: 1818

    The chance is high that this is the same person.

    Eine Abschrift der Namen aus einem Aufsatz in den "Heimatblättern des Heimatbundes für das Oldenburger Münsterland" Nummer 1 des 11. Jahrgangs 1929. Als Verfasser war nur das Kürzel Th. angegeben:

    A copy of the names from an essay in the "Homeland pages of the homeland federation for the Oldenburger Münsterland" number 1 of the 11 set 1929. As an author only the contraction Th. was indicated:

    Frühere Auswanderer nach Amerika (aus Oythe) (Verfasser Th.) In den letzten Jahren nach dem Kriege sind aus der knapp 1000 Einwohner zählenden Gemeinde Oythe 22 Personen nach Amerika ausgewandert. Nachdem nun hierdurch neue Verbindung mit diesem Erdteil geschaffen, werden immer mehr folgen, solange in Deutschland die Verhältnisse nicht besser werden, und die bereits Ausgewanderten von drüben über eine bessere Existenz berichten. In den Jahren von 1870 bis 1920 sind hier fast keine Auswanderungen vorgekommen, dagegen von 1820 bis 1870 war die Auswanderung ebenso stark aber noch stärker als heute. Im Gegensatz zu heute wanderten in damaliger Zeit mehrfach ganze Familien aus. Vielfach sind diese Familien nach fast knapp 100 Jahren hier bereits ganz vergessen, wie nachstehende Angaben zeigen, die ich aus alten Akten feststellen konnte. Natürlich kommen im folgenden nicht alle ausgewanderten Familien und Personen in Frage, die ausgewandert sind, sondern nur ein Teil, worüber zufällig in den Akten Angaben gemacht sind:

    Former emigrants to America (from Oythe) (author Th.) In the last years after the war from that scarcely 1000 inhabitants counting municipality Oythe 22 persons emigrated to America. After now thereby new connection with this continent production, become ever more to follow, as long as in Germany conditions do not become better, and which already to emigrating from over there on a better existence report. In the years from 1870 to 1920 here almost no emigrations occurred, on the other hand from 1820 to 1870 were just as strongly however still stronger the emigration than today. Contrary to today several times whole families emigrated in time at that time. Often these families are already completely forgotten after scarcely 100 years here, as following specification shows, which I could determine from old documents. Naturally come into following not all emigrated families and persons into question, which emigrated, but only one section, about what coincidentally in the documents specification made:

    Leaving from Oythe, Germany

    Lamping Heinrich, geb. 9. Oktober 1822. Bemerkung: Matrose, soll zur See gefahren sein.

    Lamping, Franz Theodor, geb. 8. Oktober 1844. Im Jahre 1848 mit seinen Eltern nach Amerika gewandert.

    New Orleans, 1820-1850 Passenger and Immigration
    Name Arrival Date Age Gender Port of Departure Place of Origin Ship Name
    Theod. Lamping, Oct 24, 1848, 4, M, Bremen Germany, Onice

    => Birthyear about: 1844.

    Now we are going to look for his parents.
    Looking for the same arrival date.
    Bernh. H. Lamping Oct 24, 1848  35  M  Bremen  Germany  Onice  => birthyear: abt. 1813
    Cathar. Lamping   Oct 24, 1848  35  F  Bremen  Germany  Onice  => birthyear about 1813
    Heinr. Lamping    Oct 24, 1848   8  M  Bremen  Germany  Onice  => Birthyear about 1840
    Theod. Lamping    Oct 24, 1848   4  M  Bremen  Germany  Onice  => birthyear about 1844

    This most probably the family that is mentioned on:
    The number behind the name refer to the generation
    12. BERNARD HEINRICH5 LAMPING (HENRICUS ANTONIUS4, JOANNES HEINRICH ANTONIUS3, JOANNES HEINRICH2, JOHAN1) was born Jul 12, 1812 in Oythe, Oldenburg, Germany (Source: Mark Schmidt file.). He married MARIA CARHERINE ROMER Jul 30, 1839 in Beatae Mariae Virginis Catholic Church, Oythe, Oldenburg, daughter of JOHAN ROMER and ANNA PELLE.
    Marriage Notes for BERNARD LAMPING and MARIA ROMER:
    The Catholic Church book of Beatae Mariae Virginis Catholic Church in Oythe states that Bernard and Maria were engaged on July 20, 1839, and that their wedding was proclaimed on July 21, 25, and 28th. Witnesses at the wedding on July 30, 1839 were Heinrich Lamping and Anton Vogelpohl.
    Children of BERNARD LAMPING and MARIA ROMER are:
    i. HERMAN HENRI6 LAMPING, b. Nov 30, 1840, Oythe, Oldenburg, Germany.
    Baptism: Dec 1, 1840, Beatae Mariae Virginis Catholic Church, Oythe (Source: Mark Schmidt file, Witnesses: Herman Henrich Vogelpohl and Maria Gertrud Lamping, nee Tolking.)
    ii. FRANCISCUS THEODOR LAMPING, b. Oct 8, 1844, Oythe, Oldenburg, Germany (Source: Mark Schmidt file.).
    Baptism: Oct 10, 1844, Beatae Mariae Virginis Catholic Church, Oythe (Source: Mark Schmidt file, Witnesses: Anton Lamping and Anna Maria Agnus Schillmoller, nee Romer.)

    The history of the emigration from the former Amt Damme (Oldbg) ., particularly to North America, within the years 1830 -- 1880, written by Johannes Ostendorf
    Lamping,Elies.,Magd,1,1855,Damme Lamping, Bernard Sohn des Heinrich Lamping 1 1845 Dümmerlohausen