November, 2017 Calvenhoven/Kalvenhoven
The family Calvenhoven goes a long way back until 1744. The oldest ancestors were slaves at Cura¸ao. I was able to trace them until about 1744. My great grand mother was Maria Josefita Calvenhoven. She is a descendant from Arietta, born ca.1770. Arietta was a slave of Hoyer and later Coevenhoven. Sieka is perhaps the mother of Arietta (based on a manumission), and that brings us to about 1744. Sieka was a slave of 'Dominee' Wigboldus Rasveld who had many slaves. Sieka is the name of a slave island in Guinee, and is also a girls name in Groningen, The Netherlands. Dominee WIgboldus came from Groningen

The name Calvenhoven is unique in the world. If your name is Calvenhoven, please contact me and help me connect your name to the family tree.

See: Calvenhoven family tree and more (Dutch)

Welcome to the website of the Lamping family!

You will find a lot of information which I and enthousiastic others collected until now. It is the home for the results of genealogical research of the family names LAMPING, LAMPINK, LAMPINCK, LAMPINCKK, LAMPPINCK, LAMBING, LAMBIN, LANGBIEN and alike. Warren Lambing maintains a very nice website dedicated to the descendants of Christopher Lambing who came to America sometime before 1766 with many descendants named Lambing, Lamping and Lampton.

I started this name research because I thought I belonged to a small family. I never heard the name Lamping except being used by my direct family.
It appeared that also other Lamping name bearers had the same impression. Well, we are wrong. The Lamping family is a huge family spread over the world. Their oldest ancestors came from Germany and France. In Germany there are many points of origin. In France there are currently two that I know of.

Main goals of this name research are:
  • To trace back the Lamping branches as far back in the past as possible.
  • To connect the several branches
  • To overtake all the living Lamping family members and connect them to the pedigree

I hope this website will encourage you to help me with this research and of course that you let me know about your results. Thank you very much in advance and have fun! Although all due care has been taken. I cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. Please notify me of any errors that you find. I will happily correct them.
If your surname is LAMPING (or alike) and you can't find your name, please contact me!