Joseph Johan (John) Lamping1

M, #507, b. December 1818, d. 9 August 1896
FatherJohn Henry Lamping
MotherMaria Elizabeth Tebbe
ChartsDC John Henry Lamping (#6363) (b. about 1823)
Birth*December 1818 Joseph was born in December 1818, at Cappeln, Oldenburg, Germany. Joseph was 52 at 21 aug 1870 according to a list of inhabitants of Ray Township, Franklin County, Indiana, USA..2 
 He was the son of John Henry Lamping and Maria Elizabeth Tebbe
Marriage*April 1844 He married Anna Maria "Frederike" (Fredericka) Vorwerk in April 1844. Joseph and Fredericka celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary in april 1894..3 
Death*9 August 1896 Joseph died 9 August 1896 at Oldenburg, Indiana, USA, at age 77.2 
Jo Anne Andra writes: One source stated that the Joseph Lamping family came to America with two married sisters whose last names were Scheele and Haverkos. They came to the USA in 1859 together with four children in the fall of 1859/ They settled in Oldenburg, Indiana and spent the first winter with a brother Dirk Lamping there. In the spring of 1860 they bought a small farm of 40 acres near Oldenburg.
From an unknown source I have: Lamping Johann (must be our Joseph) occupation Butcher age 41 from Hesse Cassel with him his wife Friederik age 41 son Josef age 14, Karoline age 11, Bernhard age 8, August age 6 on the ship Union from Bremen to Baltimore arrived on October 22, 1860.
In Germans to America 1960 it sais: From Bremen to Baltimore on the ship "Union" arrived October 22, 1860. Listed Johan Lamping, age 41, occupation, carpenter. Wife Friederik age41, Children, Josef age 14, Karoline age 11, Bernhard age 8, August age 6.
Based on the census he must have been born before 22 aug 1818. Other evidence mentions dec 1818, which is more in line with the passenger lists.



Anna Maria "Frederike" (Fredericka) Vorwerk b. 17 November 1818, d. 18 May 1894


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