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Gregg Leo Lamping, Cincinnati, Kentucky / Ohio

Submitted by Edward 'Gregg' Lamping, March 3, 1997

Jennifer tells: My grandmother, Donaldine LAMPING, was a bit of a mistery. My Mom does not know much about her life or where her name came from. She is supposedly the only child of Donald Lamping. She was born in Northern California and we are told she was French. Donaldine spent most of her life in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

Lampings in and near St.Louis, Missouri and in Montana

Submitted by Charles Darling, 10 dec 1996
Henry Francis is the main ancestor of most families in Missouri and all the Lamping families in Montana.
Charles Darling's mother was a Lamping. The descendants of Joseph Lamping, a son of Henry Francis have a reunion in or near St. Louis, once a year between Christmas and New Year. It is a large family, with many Lamping nameholders.
Henry Francis was born in Vechta in an area where a lot of other Lampings lived.
It shouldn't be difficult to find more about him with the use of the microfilms of the Vechta archives.
I am very glad with this submittance. A lot more data becomes available after the reunion. Check this site again later.

Charles Darling tells us the following about the family:
Henry Francis Lamping came to St. Louis from Germany in the 1870's
... Our clan in St. Louis remains in limited contact with the descendants of Fred Lamping (my grandfathers brother) most if which live in and around East Helena, Montana. Around 1910 Joseph, Fred and Aloys left St. Louis to settle the wild country of Montana, they first settles in Roy, Montana, a remote location. They had to travel 200 miles to receive their mail. The winters were unbearable and after about 4 or 5 years my grandmother insisted on returning to a more comportable life in St. Louis. ...

There is also a connection with the Eckhoff family. Henry Francis seems to have another daughter named Elizabeth Lamping, who lived in Lohne and was married to Frederick Eckhoff. She is not listed in the 'Darling docoments'
Mike Eckhoff maintains a web-site dedicated to the Eckhoff family. More information becomes available in 1997. A book with over 450 pages concerning the Eckhoff family has just been rediscovered. I hope there is some Lamping information in it as well. I'll keep you informed.



Submitted by John Lamping, CA



Submitted by Gregory Lawrence Lamping, 12 October 1996
  1. Lawrence Albert LAMPING, firefighter
    m. Hilda FRITSCH, housewife
    1. Lawrence Bernard LAMPING, b. 1936, owns Janitor Supply business
      m. Gail Ann RUWE, chaplain
      1. Gregory Lawrence LAMPING, b. 1962, High School teacher
      2. Lisa Ann LAMPING,
      3. Lora Ann LAMPING
      4. John Bernard LAMPING
      5. Michael Albert LAMPING
      6. James Jim LAMPING, b. , retired police officer
      7. Janet BOLEY-LAMPING, housewife
      8. Robert LAMPING, electrician
      9. Shirley KLEINHOLZ-LAMPING, housewife
      10. David LAMPING,
      11. Raymond (Ray) LAMPING, electrician
      12. Barbara, died at age 4, hit by a car. There are two other Lamping families in the Cincinnati area.
        1. One family had a gun shop in a suburb called St. Bernard and
        2. the other family has a number of doctors and pharmacists.

        Bernard Lamping


        Submitted by Art Greassle, June 13, 1997
        His wife was a Lamping

        • Bernard LAMPING
          b. 6 feb 1847, Germany, d. About 1937, Germany
          • Joseph F. LAMPING
            b. 14 sep 1895, Kneheim, Germany ( Kneheim ) is a little place near Cloppenburg
            d. 18 feb 1959, Cincinnati, OH, USA

            Joseph came to America in 1911 and settled in Cincinnati, OH, USA
            He was a well known gunsmith reparing and selling guns for a living.
              .... LAMPING b. d.
              Arthur R. GRAESSLE
                Don GRAESSLE
          • Henry K. Lamping, came to America in 1905.
            b. 2 jul 1888, Kneheim, Germany, d. 11 may 1951, Cincinnati, OH, USA

            Henry was a plumber and had his own company.

        August Lamping


        Submitted by Roberta Anne (Robbie) Lamping, 14 november 1996
        • Unknown Father
          • 'brother' LAMPING, he was an artist
          • August LAMPING, photographer
            m. Alma ...
            • child, died days after birth
            • Robert Henry LAMPING, b. 1909, Cinn, Ohio, d. 1981, Gainesville, Georgia, USA
              m. name of wife unknown
              • Bruce Robert LAMPING, married, two children
              • Carol LAMPING
                m. Herb PETERSON, two children, living
              • Neal Edward LAMPING
                , four children
              • Myrna LAMPING
                m. Terry TENHOLDER, living Dallas, Texas, two children
              m. about 1950, San Francisco, CA, USAMarguerite Mary LOUGHRON, Irish family, b. 1923, Toronto, Canada, d. La Habra, Cal.
              • Eileen Patricia LAMPING
                m. Jimmy USHER
                • Ansley Eileen USHER
                • Mark Louis USHER
              • Roberta Anne LAMPING, b. about 1957 <<<< Submitter

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