Research / Oldenburg, Indiana branches

Project start : July 1996
Area          : Ohio; Oldenburg, Indiana;


>>Robert Cass Lamping (#472) sent me some interesting copies of a local census in Ray Townshop, in the County of Franklin of Indiana on the 21st day of August 1970.



Father: Dirk H. LAMPING ,b. about 1870-54=1816, Oldenburg, Germany, Farmer
Mother: Maria ..., b. about 1870-53=1817, Oldenburg, Germany, Keeping house.

Value of Real Estate: 1500 USD
Value of Personal Estate: 500 USD

John 22 years old, 1870-22 = b. 1848 Ohio, USA Work Farm in 1870.
Minnie 17 years old, 1870-17 = b. about 1853 Indiana
August 16 years old, 1870-16 = b. about 1854 Indiana
Josephine 14 years old, 1870-14 = b. about 1856 Indiana
Henry 12 years old, 1870-12 = b. about 1858 Indiana Attended school in 1870
Caroline 10 years old, 1870-10 = b. about 1860 Indiana Attended school in 1870

Seeing the birthdates of the children, Dirk and Maria were already in the USA when John was born in 1848. By then they lived in Ohio. His brother Joseph (source: Jo Anne Dyke) joined him but in 1859.

There is a story about "Dierk" and his second marriage, submitted by Janet Shade one of his descendants.

More information

John Woerdeman researches his familyname and the Niedhammer familyname. A few Lampings are related to these names.

Begin of source:
Source: Family History Center: film 1535799, item 7 (film segment), Church Records for Holy Family Parish, Oldenburg, Indiana, Baptisms 1837-1888.

Page 89 item 36 [of the record] -
28 May 1853 Maria Rosalia Niedhammer, born 22 may 1853,
Parents: Ludovici (Ludwig) Niedhammer & Maria Elizabeth Brinkmann
Sponsors: Joannes Josephus Brinkmann & Maria Anna Lamping
Priest: Fr. Jos. Rudolf

Page 113 item 53 -
Parents : Ludovicus Niedhammer & Elizabeth Brinkmann
Sponsors: Theodorus Henricus LAMPING & Helena Maria WINNIG (hard to read)
Priest: Fr. Jos. Rudolf

Page 121 item 34
30 March 1856 Carolina Josephina LAMPING
Parents: Henrici Lamping & Marianae Brinkmann
Sponsors: Carolus Böring & Elisabeth Niedhammer

--- End of source

It is this last record which is interesting. It seems to be Dirk H. Lamping and his wife Maria. The birth date of Carolina Josephina LAMPING equals surprisingly the date in the census of 1870 of Josephine Lamping born about 1856.

Family of Donald W. Lamping


Father: >>Joseph LAMPING,b. about 1870-52=1818, Oldenburg, Germany, Farmer
Mother: Frederike ..., b. about 1870-52=1818, , Oldenburg, Germany, Keeping house.

Value of Real Estate: 500 USD
Value of Personal Estate: 200 USD

Barney 18 years old, 1870-18 = b. about 1852 Oldenburg, Germany
August 16 years old, 1870-16 = b. about 1854 Oldenburg, Germany

>>Donald W. Lamping, Greensburg, Indiana, comes up with two other children: Caroline and Joe.
The other two names he mentions are: Brenard (this could be Barney) and August H. (The second child August).

Caroline no data birth place unknown source: Donald W. Lamping
Joe no data birth place unknown source: Donald W. Lamping

Don and I (Robert) have the impression that this family is his forefather.
He didn't know how to write Dirks wifes name: Fredreka Forvork.

John & Fredreka married in 1844. They came to the US in 1859.
John & Fredreka bought the Lamping homeplace in Oldenburg, Indiana, USA in 1860
It is still owned by the LAMPING estate.
There is one question, I have: John = Joseph ???

Jo Anne Dyke another descendant of Joseph or Dirk ( i don't know yet), wrote about Joseph and Anna Marie Vorwerk Lamping who came from Oldenburg in 1859
A lot of descendant of Joseph's family are still living in Indiana.

Family of Robert Cass Lamping


Father: Fred. LAMPING, b. about 1870-63=1807, Oldenburg, Germany, Farmer
Mother: Elisabeth..., b. about 1870-50=1820, , Oldenburg, Germany, Keeping house.

Value of Real Estate: 500 USD
Value of Personal Estate: 400 USD

Barney 17 years old, 1870-17 = b. about 1853 Indiana
Catherine 14 years old, 1870-14 = b. about 1856 Indiana
Frank 6 years old, 1870-6 = b. about 1864 Indiana Ancestor of >>Robert Cass Lamping (#472)



Dirk H. Lamping and Joseph Lamping

The census entries of the two families of Dirk H. Lamping and Joseph Lamping
The whole document (About 125 Kb) is available.

Fred. Lamping

Here I missed one line. I have to rescan.
The whole document (About 125 Kb) is available.



Oldenburg lies north of Batesville. Batesville lies east of Greensburg

Research History

In July 1996 I sent about 23 letters to Lampings in the USA, one in each state. Robert Cass Lamping responded quite fast. He sent me his family branch and also copies of the 1870 Census, which showed more Lamping families, who were not connected to his tree.

Willis Alvin Lamping was the next one who responded. He came up with yet another branch also 'passing' Oldenburg, Indiana. His genealogy was very detailed, although not many nameholders are left. He referred to Jo Anne Dyke (now: Andra) as a descendant of Joseph Lamping and Fredericka Vorwerk, and gave me her address. Of course I wrote to her and she answered a few months later, end of October 1996.

Meanwhile I was very busy collecting E-mail addresses at the Internet. For me it is cheaper than writing letters and all the trouble with stamps, writing labels etc. I keep that for sending documents which can't be send of the net.
Donald Wayne Lamping was one of them and knew he was a descendant of Joseph Lamping and Fredericka Vorwerk. His uncle lives at the family farm. There seem to be a lot of documents in the family. His aunt Bernie collected a lot of information when she was young and she maintained the genealogy of her family. We have a lifely correspondence by E-mail and are currently (october 1996) in the process of updating the familytree. A lot of descendants, also with other familynames, still live in the same area.

In august 1996, I received a message from Jim Sullivan, who mentioned that his brother in law, Albert Schoettmer is married to Pauline Lamping. I couldn't place her directly and I didn't write her yet.

And then there is there is the heavy envelop of Jo Anne Andra. She received most of the information of Rose Bedel. Nearly 40 pages of information about Lampings and other descendants.
Most important is that a new place was mentioned, Cappeln in the province of Oldenburg, Germany. Often Oldenburg is mentioned, but it is unclear if this is the town or the province. For further research new place (Cappeln) is a nice lead.
All the Lamping information has been entered in the database. I think that Donald Wayne Lamping also has this information. We can now update the database in a more convenient way and focus on stories, pictures and photographs. Pauline Schoettmer is mentioned in her papers as well. Finally I could connect her to a family branch. She is an important lead. A lot of dates and places are missing in her part of the pedigree. She happens to live in the same place as Donald

What next

1. A lot of information has to be updated.
2. Addressed have to be found.
3. Filmed archives of LSD could be requested for research.