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    22 aug 1997 >>Descendancy chart Dominicus Lamping / Lambing, b. 1722, Schalbach, Lotharingen, France (Former Germany)
    21 feb 1997 Familytree of Richard F. Lamping (uncle of Kenneth), Wisconsin
    17 feb 1997 Familytree of Kenneth Lamping, Wisconsin. Sent 17 jan 1997


    Early 1996 I was in Rotterdam, scanning the CD-ROMS of the LDS-Church (Mormons), I found a lot of Hungarian and Romanian Lampings. Nice to know, but difficult to find more information I thought. Wrong!

    The real search started in september 1996 when I received an Email message from Kenneth Lamping writing me that his grandfather Frans Lamping came from Hungary. I wrote a few letter to genealogical societies in Germany and via a database of FOKO (Research Contacts) I got hold of the name of Hans Wikete and Werner Weissmüler. I made some short phonecalls and wrote them a letter to get more information. Werner Weissmüller sent me a few pages with material. And in my letter to Hans Wikete I ordered the Familybook he composed of the catholic churchtown Großjetscha where most of the Lampings were born. Practically all the Lampings which I found on the LDS CD-roms are found back in their sources.

    Using these sources I found a LAMPING and a LAMBING who are the origin of all the others in the socalled Banat area.

    It is still possible that Henricus LAMBING is a son of Dominicus LAMPING.

    Dominicus married Joanna Fenner and she had at least 10 children from 1745 till 1776, when she was 58 when she got her last child. Incredible. It seems rather strange. But that is what other researchers found and wrote down. Dominicus LAMPING belongs to the first group of emigrants of Großjetscha, as the place was founded in 1767 and his first child Michael Lamping was born there in 1768.

    American descendants

    Peter Lamping, born 1768, Szentlaszlo, Hungary

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    Date-format dd/mm/yy Colors Bold: continuation of the family name LAMPING if married and chance of children if married and young sons if male and nothing know of yet Red: male yellow: female # followed by a number is the number of the house. Houses were often numbered. Not by street but by place.
    A. Peter Lamping born. 1768 Szentlaszlo, Hungary, died. 2.10.1856 Mozsgo, Hungary, burried 11 feb 1856 Moszgo Occupation: farmer oo Anna MARZ (HERTZ) born. 1772 Szigetvar Hungary, died. 4.14.1861 Moszgo, burried 4.15.1861 Moszgo [Richard Frank Lamping found only 1 child in the records:] 1. Jakab Lamping born. 1820 p.b. Szentlaszlo, Hungry died. 10 jul 1895 p.d. #35, Mozsgo, Hungry Married 2.11.1840. oo Anna Freifogl born.3.19.1822 p.b. Szentlaszlo,Hungry. Died. 4.26.1893 p.d. Mozsgo,Hungry, burried 27 april 1893. They lived at Moszgo #35 Jakab and Anna had 10 children: i Trezse Lamping , born dec 6, 1840 Szentlaszlo oo 30 jan 1862 Ludwig HORVATH 1. Joseph Horvath d. 19 jan 1863, #24 Mozsgó Hungary 2. Juliana Horvath, b. 18 mar 1864, Mozsgó Hungary 3. Ludwig Horvath b. 22 feb 1866, Mozsgó Hungary 4t. Joseph Horvath, b. 13 mar 1868 Mozsgó Hungary, d. 3 jun 1868, Mozsgó Hungary [Twins] 5t. Johan Horvath, b. 13 mar 1868, Mozsgó Hungary, d. 5 sep 1868, Mozsgó Hungary 6. Francis Horvath, d. 30 aug 1873, Mozsgó Hungary ii Karoly Lamping , born june 9, 1843 Mozsgo iii Josef Lamping, born july 11 1845, Mozsgo Hungary died 14 may 1853 Mozsgo Hungary, seven years old iv Katalin Lamping , born dec 1, 1846 Mozsgó Hungary , died dec 3, 1846 , 2 days old v Margit Lamping , born feb 21, 1848, Mozsgó Hungary oo 1. 16 april 1872, Ludwig KISS, died 21 may 1872, Mozsgó Hungary oo 2. 10 jul 1876, Anton STAUB, Vorosmany, Hungary 1. Johan STAUB, born 21 aug 1878, #27 Mozsgó Hungary 2. Anna STAUB, born 21 aug 1878, #27 Mozsgó Hungary, died the same day vi Janos Lamping, born jan 2, 1850, Mozsgó Hungary vii Jakab Lamping, born feb 22, 1851, Mozsgó Hungary died 8 jan 1875, Mozsgó Hungary, nearly 24 years old. viii Johan Lamping, born sep 18, 1852, Mozsgó Hungary ix Anna Lamping born.and chr. 1 jun 1854. p.b. Mozsgo, Hungry. Died. 7.6.1914 p.d. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A. oo 10 jul 1876 Sebastian Knapp, born 1837, p.b. Nagy Harsagy, Hungry. Married 7.10.1876 died. 4.29.1888 p.d. #27 Mozsgo,Hungry. Occupation: tailor. Father: George Knapp. Mother Eva Haim. maternal Lamping line! Josef was born before the marriage of Anna Lamping with Sebastian. Josef is not their son. That is why Josef has Anna's familyname LAMPING. ia. Josef Lamping born.6.23.1872 p.b Mozsgo,Hungry. Died. 12.9.1924 p.d. Milwaukee,Wisconsin,U.S.A Married 5.13.1895 oo Appolonia Voros born. 2.9.1876 p.b. Barcs,Hungry. Died 11.30.1951 p.d. Milwaukee,Wisconsin,U.S.A. i. James Lamping born. 1897 p.b. Mozsgo,Hungry. ii. Grzella Margaret Lamping born.1901 p.b. Mozsgo,Hungry. iii. Francis Julius Lamping born. 10.22.1903. p.b. Mozsgo,Hungry. died. 1.3.1997 p.d. Milwaukee,Wisconsin,U.S.A Married 10.25.1924 oo Mary 'Lucille' Zimmerman born. 7.3.1906 p.b. Avoca,Wisconsin,U.S.A. Died. 6.14.1984 p.d. Milwaukee,Wisconsin,U.S.A [S_52] iiia. Russell Lamping Died at birth iiib. Francis Julius Lamping II Died at birth iiic. Robert J. Lamping born 7.4.1930 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin,U.S.A. Married 9.29.1950 oo Correll i. Stephen Lamping born 9.1.1953 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin,U.S.A. oo 1. 1971, Dawn ? divorced 1972 oo 2. 7.25.1981, Robin Lynn Wallace born ? a. Jessica Lynn Lamping born 9.26.1985 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin,U.S.A. divorced 1980. oo 3. 6.30.90 oo Lurene Schofield born 5.17.1955 p.b. ? ii. Lynn Marie Lamping born 4.14.1956 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin,U.S.A. Married 6.31.1977 oo David Famularo born 12.29.1955 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin.U.S.A. a. Daniel Famularo born 10.18.1985 {adopted} iii. Beth Ann Correll Lamping born 7.20.1958 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin,U.S.A. Married 2.24.1979 oo Richard Timm born 4.5.1956 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin,U.S.A. a. Ryan Michael Timm born 10.26.1979 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin,U.S.A. b. Correll Leah Timm born 5.23.1982 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin,U.S.A. c. Ross Matthew Timm born 8.27.85 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin,U.S.A. divorced ? 1990 Married 7.21.95 oo Anthony Peterson born 3.6.1958 p.b.? iv. Alnette Louise Lamping born 3.13.1962 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin,U.S.A. Married 6.18.1983 oo Steve Eveland born 11.12.1962 a. Ashley Eveland born 10.17.1989 p.b. Waukesha,Wisconsin,U.S.A. b. Melissa Taylor Eveland born 4.1.1994 p.b. Waukesha,Wisconsin,U.S.A. iiid. Richard F. Lamping born 10.21.1933 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin,U.S.A. oo married 2.5.1955 Ann Jorgenson born 7.6.1935 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin, U.S.A i. Joan Susan Lampingborn 4.?.1958 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin, U.S.A. Married ? oo Peter Sandoval born ? p.b. ? a. b. ii. Jenelle Lamping born 5.19.1959 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin, U.S.A. Married ? oo ? iii. Joyce Lamping born 7.16.1960 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin,U.S.A. Married ? oo Matthew Taylor born? p.b.? iv. Jacqueline Lamping born 2.16.1961 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin, U.S.A Married ? v. Jill Berneice Lamping born 12.22.1962 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin, U.S.A. iiie. Ronald Jay Lamping born 12.10.1937 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin,U.S.A Married 7.4.1959 oo Beverly J. Fabian born 2.6.1938 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin,U.S.A. i. Rhondalee Mary Lamping born 4.9.1960 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin,U.S.A. Married 10.10.1978 oo Richard Ranz born 10.7.1960 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin,U.S.A. a. Richard Alexander Ranz born 9.24.1984 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin,U.S.A. b. Rachael Ranz born 7.24.1989 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin,U.S.A. c. Rebecca Ranz born 12.9.1990 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin,U.S.A. ii. Michael Frank Lamping born 3.22.1961 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin,U.S.A. Married 11.3.1985 oo Lauren Lucas born 1.9.1964 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin.U.S.A. a. Brandalyn Lamping born 8.4.1986 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin,U.S.A. b. Julia Lamping born 11.20.1990 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin,U.S.A. c. Michael Frank Lamping Jr. born 4.8.1996 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin,U.S.A iii. Kenneth William Lamping born 12.25.1964 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin,U.S.A iiif. Roger Thomas Lamping born 6.17.1938 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin, U.S.A. Married 10.21. 1960 oo Marlene Mullins born 2.10.1940 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin, U.S.A. divorced ?.1991 died 9.11.1995 p.d. Milwaukee,Wisconsin.U.S.A. a. Mary Louise Lamping born 4.27.1966 p.b. Milwaukee,Wisconsin,U.S.A iv. Joseph Lampingborn. 11 jan 1908, died 28 mar 1989 [Source: SSDI: S_73] oo Emily ..., 4 may 1908 , died aug 1987 [Source: SSDI: S_66] iva. son , living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA x. Adam Lamping, born 14 september 1855

    Researchers and the villages they cover.

    Großjetscha is the place where the first Lampings lived. Descendants met other nice girls and boys in other towns like Sackelhausen, Kleinjetscha, Billed, Orczydorf and Gertianosch.

    Hans wikete, 	Großjetscha
    Johan Gehl	Billed. They are going to create a computer database which covers the era 1762-1950.
                            This will be ready in 1997. A little patience.
                            It is all about money Mr. Gehl told me. They wished to do it for all
                            the places, but there was not money enough. So they said we are going to do
                            it for our place first.

    Are there any descendants left in Hungary?

    I think so. Between roughly 1850 and now there is a gap, which can be closed supposed there are some old descendants still living in Hungary.

    Old information

    For a long time research on this branch was a little to far from my bed.
    But then I got a wonderful message from Kenneth Lamping, Usa at October 2, 1996.

    Kenneth Lamping,, son of Ronald Lamping is probably one their descendants.

    Hi my name is Kenneth Lamping, thanks for your inquiery. I have printed out the how to help page and give it to my father Ronald Lamping. He thinks he can get you the info you need. My grandfather on my fathers side is Frank Lamping and came to the usa from Hungary.
    As soon as he gets the info together I'll send it through.
    chow till then.

    News: Nov 11, 1996

    Philadelphia Lampings

    Philip Lamping  (b. 1856 ) ( came from Hungary )
      Joseph Lamping   oo  Margret Elsazzer
         Margret Lamping  oo  ... FOLEY
         Joseph Lamping (b. 21 dec 1921, d. 1990)  oo .... (Still living)
             Joseph Lamping  oo Elane Sauermilch
                Audrey  (12y)
                David   (9y)
                Patrick (7y)
             Catherine Lamping m. ... SHAD
                Elisabeth Lamping  oo  ... Weldon       --> she is going to send more information about the family in Jan 1997.
             Another, who died early
         More children, among which also LAMBING.

    Banat Village Names

    GERMAN       /CURRENT(Serbian or Romanaian)/HUNGARIAN            / Year Founded
    Grossjetscha /Iecea-Mare                   /Nagy-Jecsa, Nagyjecsa/ 1767
    Sackelhausen / Sacalaz                     / Szakalhaza          / 1766


    In order to find out how migration to and fro Hungaria and Rumania took place, I listed all the families in order of first child birth and put the families in separate columns depending on the country

    In each column you will find: Birth first child + parent names

    All males are LAMPING

    Rumania Hungary
    15 Oct 1768 Dominic & Joanna >>
    Grossjetscha, Timis, Rumania
    3 aug 1786 Josephi & Anna Maria >>
    Grossjetscha, Timis, Rumania
    They move to Hungary
    7 jul 1790 Henrici & Catharina >>
    Grossjetscha, Timis, Rumania
    They move to Hungary

    21 nov 1800 Leonardi & Barbara >>
    Grossjetscha, Timis, Rumania
    They come from Hungaria
    9 jul 1826 Josephus * Anna Maria
    Grossjetscha, Timis, Rumania
    24 jun 1826 Ludovicus & Elisa. KAYSER
    Grossjetscha, Timis, Rumania
    23 jul 1826 Ludovicus & Margaretha
    Grossjetscha, Timis, Rumania
    15 jul 1828 Ludovicus LAMPIN & Margaretha
    Grossjetscha, Timis, Rumania (LAMPIN Name change!)
    25 sep 1828 Josephus & Anna Maria
    Grossjetscha, Timis, Rumania
    4 oct 1830 Ludovicus & Elisabeth
    Grossjetscha, Timis, Rumania
    13 feb 1832 Michael & Magdalena
    Grossjetscha, Timis, Rumania

    25 dec 1791 Michael & Christina >>
    Nagyjecse, Torontal Megye, Hungary
    2 May 1792 Henrici & Catharina
    Grossjetscha, Timis, Rumania
    They come from Rumania
    29 mar 1793 Josephi & Anna Maria
    Nagyjecse, Torontal Megye, Hungary
    They come from Rumania
    1 Aug 1798 Leonardi & Barbara
    Nagyejecse, Torontal Megye, Hungary
    They move to Rumania

    21 feb 1876 Michael & Sophia Susanna OTT
    Grossjetscha, Torontal Megye, Hungary
    28 mar 1879 Michaelis & Christina
    Nagyjaras, Bacs-Kiskun, Hungary
    30 apr 1855 Parents unknown
    Gross Testsche-To, T,TM, Hungary


    Rumania, Banat area
    Father: Dominic (/Dominik / Dominici) Lamping
    Mother: Joanna (/ Anna) Fenner

    Joannes Michael LAMPING, b 15 Oct 1768 Grossjetscha, Timis, Rumania
    Ludovicus LAMPING b 31 dec 1769 Grossjetscha, Timis, Rumania
    Joannes Leonardus LAMPING 9 mar 1772 Grossjetscha, Timis, Rumania
    Anna Maria LAMPING b 28 Mar 1776 Grossjetscha, Timis, Rumania
    Family structure
    1. Dominicus LAMPING, b. 1722, Schalbach, Lotharingen, Germany, d. 24 sep 1802 Großjetscha (80 years)
       oo Already married when they came to Großjetscha.
       Joanna [Anna] FENRIN, b. 1718, place unknown; d. 16.10 1807, Großjetscha
       1. Catharina LAMPING,         b. 1758 St. Maria Bickenholzt, d.19 feb 1772, Gj, (14 years)
       2. Joannes LAMPING,           b. 1763 St. Maria Bickenholzt, d. 5 apr 1772, Gj,(9 years)
       3. Ludovicus LAMPING,         b. 1764                        d.30 may 1768,
       4. Mathias LAMPING,
       5. Michael LAMPING,
       6. Ludovicus LAMPING,
       7. Joannes Leonardus LAMPING,
       8. Anna Maria LAMPING,


    Father: Josephus LAMPING
    Mother: Anna Maria PETRI (PETERS)

    Magdalena LAMPING b 9 jul 1826 Grossjetscha, Timis, Rumania
    Christina LAMPING, b 11 mar 1832, Grossjetscha, Timis, Rumania


    Hungary / Rumania
    Father: Leonardi Lamping, Mother: Barbara (Barbura) ...

    Anna Maria Lamping 1 Aug 1798, Nagyejecse, Torontal Megye, Hungary
    Elisabeth LAMPING, 21 nov 1800 Grossjetscha, Timis, Rumania


    Father: Ludovicus LAMPING
    Mother: Margaretha Faller

    Catharina LAMPING 23 jul 1826 Grossjetscha, Timis, Rumania
    Catharina LAMPING 3 nov 1830 Grossjetscha, Timis, Rumania


    Father: Ludovicus LAMPING
    Mother: Elisabeth HEISEL

    Joannes LAMPING 4 Oct 1830 Grossjetscha, Timis, Rumania


    Father: Michael LAMPING
    Mother: Magdalena TITISSCH

    Nicolaus LAMPING 13 feb 1832 Grossjetscha, Timis, Rumania


    Father: Josephus LAMPING
    Mother: Anna Maria FEDERMANN

    Sophia LAMPING 25 sep 1828 Grossjetscha, Timis, Rumania


    Father: Ludovicus LAMPIN The FamilyName changes!
    Mother: Margaretha FALERIN

    Veronica LAMPIN 15 jul 1828 Grossjetscha, Timis, Rumania
    Joannes LAMPIN 14 may 1832 Grossjetscha, Timis, Rumania


    Father: Ludovicus LAMPING
    Mother: Elisa. KAYSER

    Susanna LAMPING 24 jun 1826 Grossjetscha, Timis, Rumania


    Rumania / Hungary
    Father: Josephi LAMPING
    Mother: Anna Maria

    Henricus LAMPING, b 3 aug 1786 Grossjetscha, Timis, Rumania
    Leonardus LAMPING b 1 may 1789 Grossjetscha, Timis, Rumania
    Ludovicus LAMPING b 17 jun 1790 Grossjetscha, Timis, Rumania
    Josephus LAMPING b 29 mar 1793 Nagyjecse, Torontal Megye, Hungary. They moved!
    Josephus LAMPING b 6 dec 1794, Nagyjecse, Torontal Megye, Hungary. It seems his younger brother died.
    Anna Maria LAMPING 24 jan 1795 Nagyejecse, Torontal Megye, Hungary


    Rumania / Hungary
    Father: Henrici Lamping
    Mother: Catharina

    Margarta LAMPING b 7 jul 1790 Grossjetscha, Timis, Rumania
    Anna Elisabetha Lamping b 2 May 1792 Nagyjecse, Torontal Megye, Hungary. They moved
    Ludevicus LAMPING, b 7 nov 1797 Nagyjecse, Torontal Megye, Hungary
    Catharina LAMPING ?? Nagyjecse, Torontal Megye, Hungary


    Father: Michael LAMPING
    Mother: Susann Sopie (Sophia Susanna) OTT

    Sophia Lamping 21 feb 1876 Grossjetscha, Torontal Megye, Hungary
    Katherine LAMPING 25 dec 1881 Nagyjecse, Torontal, Megye, Hungary
    Anna Lamping 12 Aug 1884 Besenyo, Torontal, Megye, Hungary
    Marie Anna Lamping b 4 feb 1886 Besenyo, Torontal Megye, Hungary
    Peter Joseph LAMPING 21 feb 1889 Temesvar, Temes Megye, Hungary /
    Neu Beschinow, Temes Megye, Hungary
    Peter Joseph LAMPING 21 feb 1890 Temesvar, Temes Megye, Hungary , younger brother died?/
    Besenyo, Torontal Megye, Hungary


    Father: Michaelis Lamping, b. 1768 son of Dominik Lamping
    oo 23 feb 1789 Grossjetscha,
    Mother: Christina Weber

    Anna Lamping25 dec 1791Nagyjecse, Torontal Megye, Hungary
    Anna Maria LAMPING19 nov 1793Nagyjecse, Torontal Megye, Hungary
    Barbara Lampingb 30 may 1795Nagyjecse, Torontal Megye, Hungary
    Michael Lampingb 4 jul 1796Nagyjecse, Torontal Megye, Hungary


    Father: Michaelis Lamping, b About 1850, Grossjetscha, TM, Hungary
    Mother: Christina ...

    Bertha Lampingb 28 Mar 1879Nagyjaras, Bacs-Kiskun, Hungary
    Katherine LAMPING25 dec 1881Nagyjecse, Torontal Megye, Hungary


    Where are the parents?
    Father: ??
    Mother: ??

    Susie LAMPING 30 apr 1855 Gross Testsche-To, T,TM, Hungary

    New entries since 31 October 1996
    29.jun.85 Researcher Werner Weismuller found the following:
    Lamping Katarina
      * 12.sep.1983 Orzidorf  + 24.dec.1937 Josefsdorf/Banat
    KNEIP Peeter
      * 25.jan.1876 Orzidorf  + 03.jun.1951 Josefsdorf
    There is a family named LAMBING, The P became a B. Until we have
    found the parents of Frank LAMBING, it will stay a question
    if they belong to the LAMPING family. In the USA I found about 160
    telephone numbers with the LAMBING family name.
    North Dakota Branch
    >>LAMBING Frank { Ancestors: Nikolaus, Ludwig, Dominik Lamping }
    KLEMM Anna, Parents known (See database)
      * ...    + --.feb.1918 Dickinson / N.D. USA
    1   Katie    * 25 nov 1891
    2.  John     * 7 sep 1893   + 1920 New York, USA
    3.  Anna     * 26 feb 1895
    4.  Frank    * 27 sep 1897
    5.  Mary     *  4 aug 1900
    6.  Annie    *  1 jan 1902
    7.  Nick     * 22 apr 1903
    8.  Joseph   * 12 mar 1908
    9.  Peter    * 14 jun 1910
    10. Elsie    *  8 jan 1914
    The family arrived in North Dakota 1891 coming from Josefsdorf.
    In the 1920's the family moved further to Portland / Oregon , USA.
    Source: S. 353 Stark-County (Book).

    LAMPING, Franz, 1891 - ? : Hs-Nr 121
    v. Gross-Jetscha Hb Josefsdorf S. 380
    Place   Name          Age Wife   Record Immig Origin
    ------- ------------- --- ------ ------ ----- ---------
    S138-93 Lamping Franz 43  Anna M 1910   1893  Josefdorf
    S138-93 Lamping Franz 34  Marie  1900   1893
    Chuck Moran writes, 22 feb 2001: 
    The arrival date of the family in North Dakota is not correct, since they didn't arrive in the U.S. until 1893. Also, they moved to Portland in 1919, not "in the 1920's", after Anna Maria's death. [The discrepancies are due to information that my cousin gave for the Stark County book. She was trying to remember what her mother, Katie, had told her. Katie was the only one that stayed in North Dakota.]
    There are few male descendants of Franz to carry on the Lambing name, since only two of his sons had sons. However, there are at least three "producing" male Lambings in the line that I know of. Where it will go from there, I don't know.