Therecilia Calvenhoven1

F, #9364, b. 19 July 1862, d. 13 November 1916
MotherPetronie Kalvenhoven1 b. 1834
Related To Robert LampingY
Birth*19 July 1862 Therecilia Calvenhoven was born 19 July 1862 at Curaçao.1 
 She was the daughter of Petronie Kalvenhoven.1 
Death*13 November 1916 Therecilia Calvenhoven died 13 November 1916 at Willemstad, Curaçao, at age 54.1 
Anecdote*13 November 1916 
Therecilia was not mentioned in the slave register of Abraham Daniel Cornelis van Coevenhoven. I think she should as Petronie was not sold yet and her birth date was before the abolition of slavery. She would have been one of the last entries in this list.

Notice that she writes her name with a C and not a K.


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