(Joseph) Anthony Lamping

M, #3825, b. circa 1770, d. 10 August 1828
ChartsDC (Joseph) Anthony Lamping (#3825) (b. 1770)
Oldest AncestorY
Birth*circa 1770 (Joseph) was born circa 1770. 
Marriage*26 May 1794 He married Marie Neddo at St. Andrew West Church, St. Andrew, on 26 May 1794. Their marriage record were found in St. Andrew marriage register.. 
Death*10 August 1828 (Joseph) died 10 August 1828 at Home on Barnhart Island. 
SSN* His Social Security Number was None. 
Religion* He was Roman Catholic. 
Although no record of his coming to America has been found to date, family legend says that he was born in Germany or Holland and came to America from Europe. As a young man he lived temporarily in Pennsylvania, but set out for the frontierlands and ended up in northern New York state about 1790 where he settled in Massena, along the St. Lawrence River. Massena is located directly across the river from Ontario (then known as Upper Canada) and Quebec. Directly across the river is Cornwall, Ontario and east of Massena is Quebec and the St. Regis Indian Reservation. The history of the Lamping family takes place on both sides of the St. Lawrence River in Canada and the United States. The New York side of the river was sparsely populated at this time, while the Canadian side was quite well populated. After the American Revolution many of the colonists who had supported the King of England in the conflict were no longer welcome in the newly formed United States. Since the province of Upper Canada (later called Ontario) belonged to England, many went there and were given land grants for their loyalty during the Revolution. Thus Cornwall, Ontario was full of American colonists who had been driven out of their homes in the U.S. There was also much immigration from Scotland and Ireland and other European countries to Cornwall, as well as much French influence in this area since Montreal and the province of Quebec were very close. There was also a great Indian presence because of the St. Regis Reservation. In late 1797 it is known that Anthony and Marie Lamping were living in Cornwall. On October 25 of that year both Anthony and Marie filed applications for land grants from the king. Land grants were given to people who had been loyal to the king during the American Revolution (they were called "Loyalists" or "Tories") and their children. Marie's father, Louis Nedo (possibly a corruption of the French, Nadeau) had been a Loyalist, and therefore Marie was entitled to land from the English government. Anthony also made an application for land, it is not certain if he actually received it. Whether Anthony was a Tory or if his family had some Tory connections is not certain at present. It is known that Anthony had taken the required Oath of Allegiance to the king and lived in Cornwall at this time and was a Hatter by trade.      Anthony and Marie were also involved in farming. They owned some grasslands on the New York side of the river. On June 24, 1800, Anthony Lamping, along with several others, signed a petition asking the governor of New York State, John Jay, to provide protection for their cattle from the St. Regis Indians. It seems the cattle sometimes wandered onto Indian grasslands and they would kill them. Local lore says that Anthony died after being struck by lightening while praying his rosary. He was probably buried at St. Regis or on Barnhart's Island where he was living at the time. (Barnhart's Island is 4 miles west of Cornwall, Ontario.) [Source Thomas Lamping, Chicago]
Thomas Eugene Lamping (California) has the following information.
Joseph was born in Holland and came to Philadeplhia, Pennsylviania in 1790. He went to La Praire, Province, Quebec Canada. Joseph married Mary Nedda 15 may 1798. According to the death date records from St. Regis Catholic Mission he died on Barnhart's island as Thomas (2886) already assumed.

(Witness) Marriage1 January 1821 They was a witness at Barney Mckarnan and Charlotte Jane Lamping's wedding at St. Andrew West Church on 1 January 1821. 
(Witness) Marriage20 May 1822 They was a witness at George Lamping and Marilla Putnam's wedding at St. Andrew West Church, St. Andrews West, Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, on 20 May 1822.1 
(Witness) Marriageafter 1825 They was a witness at Steven Tanney and Charlotte Jane Lamping's wedding at St. Andrew West Church after 1825. 
(Witness) Death25 August 1827 He witnessed Alexander Anthony Bero's death on 25 August 1827. 


Marie Neddo b. 15 May 1778, d. 28 February 1856


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