Gerrit Lamping

M, #213, b. 1 November 1833, d. 5 October 1896
FatherWillem Lamping b. 9 Mar 1806, d. 4 Apr 1874
MotherMaartje van Spijk b. 19 Jul 1803, d. 16 Jun 1882
ChartsDC Wilhelm Lamping (#185) (b. ABT 1737) [Lotte]
DC Jan Pietersz Post [#9024] (b. ca 1631)
Related To Robert LampingY
Birth*1 November 1833 Gerrit was born on 1 November 1833, at Schiedam, The Netherlands
 He was the son of Willem Lamping and Maartje van Spijk
Marriage*6 June 1860 He married Adriana Hannf at Schiedam, The Netherlands, on 6 June 1860. 
Death*5 October 1896 Gerrit died 5 October 1896 at Schiedam, The Netherlands, at age 62. 
Gerrit was a a servant in a gin-distillery brandersknecht in Schiedam. He lived in Schiedam with his wife and children.
29 September 1862 Gerrit moved to 's-Hertogenbosch. His wife, Adriana Hannf followed soon at 21 Octobert 1862. At 3 June 1864 they moved again to Delfshaven, The Netherlands, not very far from Schiedam.
Religion* He was Ned. Herv. 


Adriana Hannf b. 2 May 1832
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